Burn Permit Information

Thinking of Burning?firepit

As per By-law 84-2008, there shall be no live fire burning in Dundalk or other settlement areas except for ‘campfires’. 'Campfires' are defined as a small fire set in a fire pit or tire rim or other device designed to burn firewood for cooking or warmth and shall not exceed 1 metre (3.3 feet) in diameter.     

Rural properties must obtain a burn permit from the Southgate municipal office prior to burning (except for campfires). No garbage is to be burned at anytime!

Burn Permit applications can be completed at the Township of Southgate Municipal Office and must be completed and signed by the property owner. For renters or persons working land on behalf of a property owner, written permission must be supplied by the property owner prior to obtaining a permit. For more information contact the Chief Fire Official for the Township of Southgate 519-923-2402