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Time to Change your Clocks and the Batteries in all Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Clocks will fall back one hour at 2 am on November 6 and the Dundalk Fire Department  is recommending residents install new batteries in their smoke and carbon monoxide alarms when they change their clocks.  
“In order for smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to do their job, they need to have working batteries,” explained Chief Don Zeggil “Once a year, old batteries should be replaced with new batteries. When you change your clocks on November 6, Dundalk Fire Department wants everyone to take the time to install new batteries in all alarms.”  
In order to survive a fire, you need to be provided with an early warning and know what to do when the smoke alarms sound. It’s the law to have working smoke alarms on every storey of the home and outside all sleeping areas. For added protection, it is recommended to also install smoke alarms inside all bedrooms.  
Carbon monoxide alarms must be installed outside all sleeping areas if your home has a fuel-burning appliance, fireplace or attached garage.
Tampering with or removing the batteries from your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms is against the law. ​


General Information

In order to provide the fastest possible response time, the residents of the Township of Southgate are serviced by three fire departments - Dundalk Fire Department, Durham Fire Department (West Grey) and Mount Forest Fire Department (Wellington North).  
Click here to access a map that outlines which fire department is responsible for your jurisdiction. 

Chief Fire Official Township of Southgate
Don Zeggil
Phone:519-923-2402 (non-emergency)
Fax: 519-923-0287

West Grey Fire Chief
Phil Schwartz 
Phone: 519-369-2505 (non-emergency)
Fax: 519-369-5474

Wellington North Fire Chief
David Guilbault 
Phone: 519-323-1441 (non-emergency)
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